My New iPhone Predictions

I am anxiously awaiting Apple’s announcement tomorrow. Having used the iPhone 4S since it was released in October of 2011, I can really use a new phone to satiate my hunger for new phone technology. If I had to wait any longer I might need to consider one of the many Android phones that are available.

I have read many articles about what the tech insiders say will be on the new hardware,. Here is what I think - or hope - will come out of tomorrow’s announcements. My predictions have no basis in fact. They are guided by the articles I’ve read and just my feelings in the whole spectacle that is an iPhone announcement.

  * It won’t be an iPhone 5S but will be called an iPhone 6

  * There will be a less expensive iPhone called the 5C - for color.

  * My reasoning for the name iPhone 6 is the inclusion of the rumored fingerprint sensor and the introduction of the less expensive iPhone.

  * The difference between iPhones will not only be the fingerprint sensor but a retina screen and better camera / dual flash for the premium model.

  * The iPhone 6 (let’s just say premium iPhone until the actual name is announced) will come in black, white, gold, and gray.

  * The 5C will come in 6 colors - black, white, red, blue, yellow, and green.

  * The components of the premium iPhone will be new and faster. The 5C components will be the same as the iPhone 5.

  * Pre-orders will start on Friday, September 13th with delivery on September 20th

I can’t wait to see what Apple will be offering this new iPhone season.

September 9, 2013