Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

Not too sure how I feel about this. I suppose it could be a worse title, right? I'm hoping that when the movie comes out that the only thing we needed to worry about is the title.

GPA and Tweets

Of 381 college admissions officers who answered a Kaplan telephone questionnaire this year, 31 percent said they had visited an applicant’s Facebook or other personal social media page to learn more about them — a five-percentage-point increase from last year. More crucially for those trying to get into college, 30 percent of the admissions officers said they had discovered information online that had negatively affected an applicant’s prospects.

Racist Rants About Miss America Winner

But within minutes of winning the title, Davuluri, whose talent routine was a Bollywood fusion dance, was the target of racist social media comments.

If you're #Miss America you should have to be American," said one on Twitter.


Davuluri, however, brushed aside the negative comments.

"I have to rise above that," she said. "I always viewed myself as first and foremost American."

Social media often shows the ugly side of people. I suppose the only thing to do is take the good with the bad. 

Twitter Your Way to Getting Robbed

I was in a seminar about twitter a few weeks ago. One person about the safety of tweeting, such as mentioning you are at a restaurant or traveling and not at home. The answer the presenter gave was “you don’t have to share everything”.

Common sense people.  Common sense.


twitter logoGoing out of town? Most of us who tweet have been known to share that little tidbit of news with our followers, especially if that out of town journey is to a conference or event where we’re…

Twitter Updates for 2008-03-30

  • Just got back from Gray's Papaya. Deciding if we should get a drink before packing. #
  • Having a Long Island (and Farrah is having a Dirty Martini) @ Gaby's downstairs in the hotel. #
  • Need to start packing. Checkout is @ Noon. Then to JFK to wait. Wonder how much the cab ride will be? #
  • @ The Red Flame for the last time. #
  • Is it a flat rate fare FROM Manhattan to JFK? #
  • @ JFK early. Taxi ride was quick. #
  • @ JFK watching the "Secure Wrap" dude wrap luggage. Guess people are willing to pay to have their luggage wrapped in seran wrap. #
  • My NYC cell phone observation - most people have a Blackberry. The only time I saw an iPhone was when I was near an Apple store. #

Twitter Updates for 2008-03-29

  • It's cold and windy at the Top of the Rock. We can see the Empire State Building all lit up. #
  • @ Katsu-Hama for dinner. Yelp, don't fail me now #
  • Having a small breakfast @ Grand Central Terminal. We picked up some pasteries from Junior's. #
  • @ the Met. Not too crowded, yet. #
  • Looking @ a Van Gough. #
  • In the Greek & Roman art section. Farrah was scolded for taking video of me doing a Tim Gunn impression. #
  • @ Temple of Dendur. Very calming. Nice view of Central Park. #
  • Trying to figure out the best way to Prada SoHo. #

Twitter Updates for 2008-03-28

  • Intermission @ Young Frankenstein. Too bad Megan Mullaly isn't playing her role. The show is good so far. #
  • We just got up. Trying to get our bearings on what to do today. #
  • @ The Red Flame again for breakfast. #
  • Trying to find the correct subway station to take to Lower Manhattan. We're trying for the Brooklyn Bridge even though the weather is raw. #
  • We are on the Brooklyn Bridge right now! #
  • Visited St. Paul's & WTC. Very emotional as a noon service was starting at St. Paul's. #

Twitter Updates for 2008-03-27

  • We are planning to see Lower Manhattan. Later in the day it's Central Park. We'll see how it goes. #
  • Standing in line for the bus tour. We are taking the Gray Line Tour. #
  • On the bus. We're by the seaport side. It's pretty cold now. We should have brought that extra jacket. #
  • Learned term: "Blocking the box." When a persons car, truck, etc blocks the intersection, not allowing cross traffic to go through. #
  • @ the Museum of Natural history, Dinosaur wing. My camera battery is dead. Dang it!!! #

Twitter Updates for 2008-03-26

  • Driving to the airport. #
  • OK, Virgin America is in the International terminal. #
  • We've landed in New York City!!! #
  • Our plane was initially early - good tailwind - but due to JFK traffic, we're stuck on the runway. #
  • Farrah & I are in our first NYC taxi ride from the airport. #
  • Morning traffic is heavy. Funny, our cab driver hasn't said much. He's talking lightly to someone on his bluetooth. #
  • Eating brunch @ a place called Maxie's Restuarnt Bar. Priced are a bit steep for breakfast. #
  • So breakfast was a bad idea. The best thing there was the water. My bacon was basically burnt bacon bits. #