Racist Rants About Miss America Winner

But within minutes of winning the title, Davuluri, whose talent routine was a Bollywood fusion dance, was the target of racist social media comments.

If you're #Miss America you should have to be American," said one on Twitter.


Davuluri, however, brushed aside the negative comments.

"I have to rise above that," she said. "I always viewed myself as first and foremost American."

Social media often shows the ugly side of people. I suppose the only thing to do is take the good with the bad. 

The Unhealthy Choice

After just one year, some schools around the country are dropping out of the healthier new federal lunch program, complaining that so many students turned up their noses at meals packed with whole grains, fruits and vegetables that the cafeterias were losing money.

It is sad that schools are bowing to the pressure of kids not choosing to eat healthy meals.


About two weeks ago Farrah had a ultrasound to check the baby's size. The ultrasound showed that the baby is a healthy sized baby girl. But she's also breech.

It's fairly late in thr pregnancy for thr baby to turn on her own. The doctors say it could still happen, but most likely the baby will need to be helped. Tomorrow we're going in for that help. It's called [version] (

It seems like a straight-forward procedure - so says the man not going through the procedure. We’re reading what we can, looking at [videos] (, basically arming ourselves with as much information as possible. But it will still be a new anxiety filled experience.

Verizon is Watching

"We're able to view just everything that they do," Bill Diggins, U.S. chief for the Verizon Wireless marketing initiative, told an industry conference earlier this year. "And that's really where data is going today. Data is the new oil."

I use Verizon for my 3rd Gen iPad. The LTE is great. I thought about switching to them for our wireless phone service, but this article makes me pause on that idea. They say you can opt out, but I don't know if that's good enough.

Andy Williams, 'Moon River' singer, dies at 84

Andy Williams, whose soothing baritone and relaxed performing style made him one of America's top pop vocalists and a popular TV variety-show host in the 1960s when he recorded hits such as "Moon River" and "Days of Wine and Roses," has died. He was 84. 

My mom is a big Andy Williams fan. She plays a Christmas DVD of his every year for what seems like a month straight. I'm sure in the recesses of my brain I know a few words to a few of his songs.

AMC Bought by Chinese Conglomerate

The Wanda Group, a Chinese conglomerate with extensive interests in the entertainment business, has agreed to acquire AMC Entertainment, North America’s second-largest movie theater owner, in a deal that is valued at $2.6 billion, including roughly $2 billion in assumed debt, the companies said Sunday.

A friend of mine wonders if this means the Chinese will help in curbing piracy in China. Who knows. Pirates will be pirates.

Anthony Bourdain comments on Paula Deen's diabetes

Paula Deen having diabetes was previously a rumor, but now has turned into fact. She's known for three years.

We can look forward to People or Us magazine running the cover story, "I'm back" usual rehab story private hell. Clearly this has been coming for a while. She's been looking for ways to position herself. Is she really going to be selling the cure now? Or will she back off for a decent interval? I take no pleasure in it. There ain't nothing funny about Diabetes.

Yes, I expect this issue will be on newsstands soon.

The Case of the Nude Actress

In this week's BBC-aired episode titled "A Scandal in Belgravia," Holmes has a close encounter with a whip-smart dominatrix, Irene Adler (Lara Pulver), who gets under his skin by flashing much of hers. Some detractors said the scene was too racy to air early in the evening, when children are more likely to be watching TV.

I have been seeing the name Benedict Cumberbatch a lot lately, ever since Farrah and I started watching BBC's Sherlock on Netflix streaming last weekend. Earlier this week he was cast as the possible villain in the next Star Trek film. And now there appears this story about nudity in one of the upcoming Sherlock series two episodes.

One distressing item to read in this article is that there may not be a third series. I guess Mr. Cumberbatch may be too popular for television alone.

Spotify - No Longer Free and Unlimited

Spotify made its big U.S. debut on July 14, 2011.
In one week, we'll be marking the streaming music service's six-month anniversary.

And in one week, all those users who signed up for the free all you can eat desktop music that day will find out that they're going to be limited to just 10 hours per month now. You're also only allowed to play individual tracks more than five times per month.

I have the pay version, using it on my iPhone. I've used it more for music discovery than as my main listening library. I'm debating whether to cancel it or not.

A Train in Oahu?

The two-track line —a 30-foot-wide span, with 21 elevated stations — is designed to accommodate an increasing crush of commuters and tourists while encouraging new growth and development, particularly on this undeveloped part of the island. The Honolulu rail project, scheduled for completion in 2018, seems certain to change sharply the nature of much of the south side of the island, as well as downtown Honolulu.

It would certainly bring a different feel to Oahu. Even though it would help in moving people, I don't know if it is - overall - a good thing.

The Facebook Resisters

NY Times article on the people who are not on Facebook or have quit Facebook. I am (again) considering decreasing or completely stopping direct Facebook interaction. This seems like a New Year's Resolution type of thing, if you are into that sort of thing.

Ethan Hawke

All of three of us have been having similar feelings that we're ready to revisit those characters. There's nine years between the first two movies and, if we made the film next summer, it would be nine years again so we really started thinking that would be a good thing to do. We're going to try to write it this year.

Ethan Hawke talking about the possibility of a third film to round out Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.


In a move that must have been unsettling for thousands of Iowa’s seniors, the state changed the name of its Department of Elder Affairs to the Department on Aging, or DOA, in 2009. Something’s telling us that the change hasn’t helped Iowa’s elderly sleep any easier. The organization now goes by IDA, for Iowa Department on Aging