I'll be using Redbox more often

I just lowered my Netflix account to streaming only. I'll only rent DVDs - which I don't do often - from Redbox now.

Warner Bros.' deal with Redbox has expired with the two companies still at odds over how long consumers should wait to rent DVDs for $1.20 a night.

As a result, kiosk rental company Redbox will have to buy Warner DVDs from retailers like Wal-Mart at a higher price but will no longer make customers wait 28 days after discs go on sale to rent them, as it did under a previous agreement with the studio.

Warner Bros Messing with your Netflix Queue

...Warner Brothers is now imposing additional stipulations for its DVD movie new releases. Starting Feb. 1, the company has decided to restrict Netflix users from adding any new DVD releases to their queue until 28 days after the DVD goes on sale in retail stores, according to an LA Times report.

We only rent a few DVDs now from Netflix. We'll probably switch to streaming only next month. But if we were to continue, I'd find this inconvenient.