movie rentals

I'll be using Redbox more often

I just lowered my Netflix account to streaming only. I'll only rent DVDs - which I don't do often - from Redbox now.

Warner Bros.' deal with Redbox has expired with the two companies still at odds over how long consumers should wait to rent DVDs for $1.20 a night.

As a result, kiosk rental company Redbox will have to buy Warner DVDs from retailers like Wal-Mart at a higher price but will no longer make customers wait 28 days after discs go on sale to rent them, as it did under a previous agreement with the studio.



rating: ** 1/2 out of 5

quick shot: ron perlman  brings hellboy to life, embodying hellboy both physically and emotionally.

what i liked about the film: the look, the story pace, and the comedic elements.

what i didn't like:  the ending was slightly disappointing,  when it had every opportunity to be stronger.  perhaps a director's cut of the dvd - which i think is scheduled later this year - will prove to make a better film than the current version.