July 4th Weekend - Pretty Quiet

It's been a pretty low-key weekend.  I have just been trying to recover from this cold-thing.  Saturday I spent most of the day in bed, hoping I could go out and about on Sunday and Monday.  And so I have been able to do so.

Yesterday, Farrah and I just hit the malls - Valley Fair, Vallco then Fry's - to do a little window shopping for the most part.  Coming back from a late breakfast we ran into Mitsuki and her father on their mid-day walk.  You can see pictures either on my Flickr account or soon to be posted on the photo page:


Today we went over Farrah's house for a BBQ lunch.  I didn't take any pictures, probably because I was upset with the fact that I might have lost a lens.  Yeah, I can't find my 50mm lens.  I'm not sure when I had it last - I think during Kayla's dance recital a couple of weeks ago.  But I'm sure I had it in my bag.  I'm thinking I simply put it down when I was changing the lens and left it behind somewhere.  Luckily it is not a really expensive lens, but it still irks me that I lost it.  Ugh.

Oh well, that's the weekend wrap-up for you.

Mitsuki and Sunny 16

Farrah and I ran into Doug and Mitsuki on their mid-morning walk.  I had the camera with me and started to take some photos of Mistuki, which I haven't had the opportunity to do.  I went to manual and forgot the sunny 16 rule, so few of the shots here have way too much light:

Mitsuki in the Sun

Luckily I could look at the LCD and quickly remedy the situation to get a couple of good shoots as well:


meeting mitsuki

so i had the pleasure of meeting mitsuki for the first time today. i saw her as i was picking up doug to go to the s'vale dump (extra dump weekend). saori and doug look great as parents.

if you haven't already you may want to see her photo gallery on [worldwhereyoulive] she seems so tiny in the photos, slightly bigger in person, and i'm sure growing everyday.

seeing matsuki makes me realize i need to visit scott, stefanie and skylar. i have to meet skylar or see scott and stefanie in a long time. time to give him a call.