mia izobel

Seeing Santa


The Santa Claus at Stanford Shopping Center has been our staple Santa over the years. The only other time we saw Santa Claus elsewhere was in Hawaii. This year we waited until the weekend before Christmas to visit Santa. It seemed like a lot of other people had the same idea, given the long line we encountered early that Saturday morning.

But the girls were very patient waiting. And when it was their turn to sit on the jolly old fellow’s lap, the girls were well behaved - for the most part. I think Graecyn is going through a little stranger danger / separation issue right now. But Mia was all in awe of Santa. Mia even spent several moments after the photo session talking to Santa about her gift ideas.

Waiting in line.

Waiting in line.

Mia tells Santa her wishes for this year.

Mia tells Santa her wishes for this year.

Graecyn waits for Mia.

Graecyn waits for Mia.

Mia Following Kaleb

Mia and Kaleb were blowing bubbles outside during Kaiden's first birthday party. Kaleb decided to walk from the playground and down the sidewalk trail. Mia followed. There was a little hill past an intersection path that Kaleb decided to walk up. Mia followed. Up the hill they both went toward a house. Kaleb made it all the way to the top. Mia - about 90% before she slipped, causing her shoe to fall off. I was there right behind her to fix her shoe and encourage her the rest of the way up to the top.

Getting down is a different story.

This photo was taken on March 2, 2013.

Mia and the Harvest Festival

Mia enjoying snacks from the Harvest Festival at daycare.

Instead of celebrating Halloween at daycare they have a Harvest Festival. Parents are invited to enjoy time with the kids. There are a few activities, such as building necklaces, playing with pumpkins, and painting. Mia has a little bee temporary tattoo on her right-hand. And the necklace she is wearing is one she put together herself!!! Mom and dad only tied it on her.

This photo was taken on October 26, 2012.

Mother and Daughter

Trying to recreate a photo from Farrah's childhood. We'll need to go back to Hawaii and try again. 

On our last trip to Hawaii, Mia and Farrah tried to recreate a photo from Farrah's childhood, circa late 70's early 80's. Mia wasn't as cooperative for the photo, unwilling to stand on her own. This just means we need to go back to Hawaii to retake this one day soon.

Mia Izobel - Hummingbird for Life

Today was Mia's last day with the Hummingbirds at 2nd Gen, the daycare at Genentech. She was there for fifteen months under the care of all her loving teachers: Barbara, Cathy, Stefani, Joanna, and Fely. Oh, and so many friends both older and younger. She'll miss  2nd Gen. But it's time to to move on. We won't forget the Hummingbirds!

Mia Izobel and Malasadas

I am so behind in posting photos that I have taken this year. I hope to rectify this by posting a photo album every three days until I am caught up. I was going to post an album a day, but that seems a little too ambitious.

The above is a photo of Mia Izobel taken by Farrah on her iPhone 4S at the Waikele Shopping Center. Let's just say she enjoyed the malasada. 
More photos can be found here.

Pearl Harbor and the Zoo

Today we visited Pearl Harbor to specifically see the USS Arizona. Unfortunately, Mia fell asleep during the short film that is watched before taking the short boat ride out to the memorial. She was also asleep all the time we were on the memorial. It wasn't until we started to leave that she stirred from her slumber.

Next, we went to the zoo, where these photos are from. Mia loved to see the fish, monkeys, birds, and all the other animals at the zoo. To our surprise there was so much to see. We'll need to visit our local zoos to see what they offer.

All in all it was another great day.