Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

I can't say much is going on this fine and sunny day. We're still in the midst of cleaning up, planning, and packing for our trip to New York City in a couple of days. I just wanted to post something real quick on the site.

Next door they are having an Easter egg hunt. The neighborhood has been short on the kid factor the last several years. It's good (for now) to hear kids playing and screaming.

I went to visit my father at the cemetery today with my mom. There were a lot of people there, normal for a holiday such as today. The roads don't seem to be busy. I'm guessing everyone is visiting family.

Thought I'd throw in the cute video I had posted on my Found page. When in doubt, show a cute video.

Genentech Holiday Party 2007

Last Saturday I attended the holiday party for Genentech. It was held at AT&T ballpark. Yes, Genentech took over the whole baseball park.

First off, let me say that I hate calling it AT&T Park. Though PacBell no longer exists as a company, the former ballpark name PacBell Park rings more true when spoken aloud.

Last year's holiday party was held at the Marriott in San Francisco. It was a more formal affair, dressing up for dinner and dancing. The party was great, but very crowded even though the party took up all the ballrooms and most of all the other nooks in hotel. I'm guessing the venue change had partially to do with that situation plus the Marriott is going through a slight renovation at this time, so it may have not been available for this shindig.

This affair had been built around two ideas: do you want to dine and dance or did you want to dine and get down-and-dirty in the snow. Yep, snow. We chose the latter, which meant dressing more for a trip to Tahoe then a trip to a ball.

We met up with Farrah's co worker one her co workers (plus her boyfriend). It was my first time meeting both of them and we hung out most of the night together. Farrah co worker brought her ice skates as we heard there was going to be an ice skating rink somewhere in the ballpark.

Genentech Holiday Party 2007

We both entered ballpark at 7:00pm sharp. Once we got to inside we headed up toward the ballpark. We looked out onto the field to see what was in store. So much could be done:

  • Near the middle of the baseball diamond there was the ice rink.
  • In left field a hill of snow was available to sled down.
  • In each dug out you could stand in line to have a whack at the batting cages.
  • There was a dance floor and band set up in center field. The band played 70's disco and soul music.
  • In the field and club level, a dining area and music was set up. Jazz and an 80's coverband where at the club level, a DJ in the field level area.
  • Fireworks lit up the sky a little after 9:00pm
  • There was food throughout the ballpark. A big favorite was smores which was available int he Promenade level.

Farrah and I watch as her co worker and her boyfriend ice skate for some time. We met up with Sarah and her date, who also ice skated. We danced and ate the night away, spending all of the five hours in the ballpark.

It was a very very good holiday party.

I'll post some photos when I get a chance.

Christmas is Near

It's pretty late, but I wanted to upload this video clip.  farrah and I picked up Jane, Ann, and Tiana from the airport this evening.  We went back to the house in SJ and started decorating the Christmas tree.  As you can see from the clip, the kids started to become fascinated with the digital cameras.

Ok, I'm heading back to the living room to watch farrah finish wrapping gifts for the big day tomorrow.