Check Those Expiration Dates

Eggs, for example, can be consumed three to five weeks after purchase, even though the "use by" date is much earlier. A box of mac-and-cheese stamped with a "use by" date of March 2013 can still be enjoyed on March 2014, most likely with no noticeable changes in quality.

My confusion is with the flash pasteurized milk.  The expiration date is so far ahead in the future. But once you open it you only have about 7 days to use it - according to the side of the box. 


Encourage or Discourage

But rather than tell people they can’t shoot their food — the food they are so proud to eat that they need to share it immediately with everyone they know — he simply takes them back into his kitchen to shoot as the plates come out. “We’ll say, ‘That shot will look so much better on the marble table in our kitchen,’ ” Mr. Bouley said. “It’s like, here’s the sauce, here’s the plate. Snap it. We make it like an adventure for them instead of telling them no.

I guess at some restaurants they'll help you take better photos, while at others they'll stop you from taking photos. I've never really thought twice about taking photos of the food I eat. But then again, I don't go to anywhere fancy.

Filipino Food

I follow people on Twitter for specific reasons.  I try not to follow people just to gain followers in kind.  This sounds like the subject of a future blog post.

One of the Twitter feeds I’ve been following is @FilipinoFood.  The feed is interesting to follow, especially for me, because I don’t eat much Filipino cuisine.   My wife partakes in a broad variety of Filipino dishes, most of which I shy away from. I'm not sure why I haven't acquired a taste for this cuisine.  I’m a standards eater: pancit, lumpia, and adobo.

The subject of adobo was on FilipinoFood awhile back.  A few years ago my mother finally showed me how to make her version.  I have, for the most part, been able to recreate it successfully.  But as with any recipe there are variations. One of those variations offered via FilipinoFood was cited here.  I’m anxious to try it because it calls for coconut milk, something my mom’s recipe doesn’t use.  I am interested how coconut milk will change the flavor.

Memories of Philippine Kitchens

Memories of Philippine Kitchens

The blog entry about chicken adobo also made me seek out the book, Memories of Philippine KitchensI found the book, written by Amy Besa and Roma Dorotan, at my local library. I want to try a few recipes from this book.