eye injury

Relapse 2.0

I've injured my left eye again.  It seems the scratch I endured //last October did not fully heal.  I had felt some discomfort earlier this week, which resulted in a nice two-day headache.  On Wednesday I thought the pain had passed, but Thursday night I was in discomfort slash complaining mode.  By Friday morning my left eye had swollen.

I made an appointed to be seen that morning. I had an appointment with an Ophthalmologist.  This first Ophthalmologist confirmed there was a new scratch, but needed to refer me to someone of more experience on treatment.  The treatment was to patch my left eye, but first she needed to scrap a layer of skin away from the eye.  Doing this would hopefully yield even healing on the eye.  She numbed my eye during the procedure, but after the medication wore off, my eye felt beat up.  I needed to take Tylenol for the next two days.

My Eye is Scratched Again!!!

Farrah took me to see the Ophthalmologist on Sunday morning for a follow-up. Good news!  She said the eye healed a 100%, meaning the layer she scraped away has grown back to cover they eye.  But treatment needs to continue in order to ensure the layer stays intact.  So it looks like I'll be using certain eye drops and lubricants for the next several months so this does not happen again.  And believe me,  I don't want it to happen again.


I've been out of commission the last couple of days.  It seems I have a [corneal abrasion] on my left eye.

How'd that happen?

I had some problems on Monday night taking out my left contact lens.  It has always been a problem since I started wearing contacts again, but this time it was more difficult then previously.  I guess I got a little over anxious and scratched my cornea.  I knew it almost right away.

An hour later it felt worse.  By the next morning I knew something was seriously wrong.  So I made an appointment for the morning.  Farrah had to drive me because by that time the pain was unbearable.

The ophthalmologist who saw me was very nice and informative.  He determined it was a corneal abrasion and prescribed ointment and antibiotics.

This is how my eye looked after the visit:

Looking into the Lens

One day two I looked a little worse then got a little better:

Day Two

I went back to work today, straining my right eye to read the screen.  I also had another doctor's appointment today.  He said everything is healing back up, with a few places high on eye that aren't filling in quiet yet.  I'm on a dose of antibiotics and ointment to heal.

We'll see how things progress by next Tuesday's follow up.