ApplePay Broken?

The crooks have not broken the secure encryption around Apple Pay’s fingerprint-activated wireless payment mechanism. Instead, they are setting up new iPhones with stolen personal information, and then calling banks to “provision” the victim’s card on the phone to use it to buy goods.

At first the article makes it seem like ApplePay on the device is broken. But it seems the human element involving the credit card companies is the problem here.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

Not too sure how I feel about this. I suppose it could be a worse title, right? I'm hoping that when the movie comes out that the only thing we needed to worry about is the title.

Lucky They Have Competition

For several months, Amazon has been quietly discouraging the sales of Hachette’s physical books by  several techniques — cutting the customer’s discount so the book approaches list price; taking weeks to ship the book; suggesting prospective customers buy other books instead; and increasing the discount for the Kindle version.

Good thing Amazon has competition, right? 

GPA and Tweets

Of 381 college admissions officers who answered a Kaplan telephone questionnaire this year, 31 percent said they had visited an applicant’s Facebook or other personal social media page to learn more about them — a five-percentage-point increase from last year. More crucially for those trying to get into college, 30 percent of the admissions officers said they had discovered information online that had negatively affected an applicant’s prospects.

Vaccine Deniers

But there’s a big difference between not eating GMOs and not getting a vaccine. If I don’t eat a corn chip at my local taqueria because I have doubts about the lack of research on GMOs and believe it’s because science and the government are in Monsanto’s pocket, I’m not going to put my dining companions at risk of disease. But if I decide not to vaccinate my kid, I make him a potential carrier. He may be able to fight off measles, mumps, rubella, and other illnesses — but what if he spreads a disease to somebody who, for whatever reason, isn’t so lucky?

I stand on the side of getting your child vaccinated. But it is a personal choice. Try to make an informed choice, ok?

The Sistine Chapel Problem

In the 530-plus years since he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, the Renaissance artist’s famous frescoes have been dealt a fair share of abuse. They’re dusty, they’re dirty, and they’re constantly being damaged by humidity, carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

Now, the head of the Vatican Museums, Antonio Paolucci, is warning that, if new air conditioning and air purifying systems that are being installed at the facility don’t significantly cut the pollution levels in the chapel, he will have no choice but to limit the number of tourists who visit the site.

Seeing the Sistine Chapel is on my bucketlist. I hope I have a chance to see it some day.

Spike Lee's Old Boy Movie Poster

I recently watched the original Oldboy by Chan-wook Park on Netflix. When it first came out for rent, I tried to watch it several times, only making it halfway through the film each time. It wasn't the plot or the violence that stopped me from completing the movie. It was simply I had no interest in finishing the film. 

But having watch the whole movie recently I was blown away the the twist-and-turns. It's an intense vengeful movie. I am hoping the Spike Lee version doesn't pull any punches from the original, or go too far off the plot - just enough to make it standalone as a separate film.

Encourage or Discourage

But rather than tell people they can’t shoot their food — the food they are so proud to eat that they need to share it immediately with everyone they know — he simply takes them back into his kitchen to shoot as the plates come out. “We’ll say, ‘That shot will look so much better on the marble table in our kitchen,’ ” Mr. Bouley said. “It’s like, here’s the sauce, here’s the plate. Snap it. We make it like an adventure for them instead of telling them no.

I guess at some restaurants they'll help you take better photos, while at others they'll stop you from taking photos. I've never really thought twice about taking photos of the food I eat. But then again, I don't go to anywhere fancy.

Why I Bought Boys' Underwear For My Daughter

Yes, it’s sexist, but it’s also just weird and sad. Why can a boy walk around with Yoda on his underwear, but a young female "Star Wars" fan can’t? It’s gender marketing at its very worst.

Mia has a Darth Vader "Star Wars" shirt. If she wanted "Star Wars" underwear, I wouldn't hesitate in buying them, even if they were boys underwear.