Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-24

  • Elevator is acting wonky. I wasn't expecting to hike up 5 flights of stairs with my 15 lbs backpack this morning. I'm out of shape. #
  • Just removed Gizmodo from my Google Reader feeds. This whole stolen iPhone drama just seems wrong. #
  • It's crowded here in Starbucks #
  • Lunchtime! in Krung Thai Mountain View #
  • Watching the new Dr. Who. I haven't watched any episodes with the NEW Doctor. He's not bad at all. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18

  • I forgot my coffee mug. This fact, plus the rainy weather, make for a bad start to the day. #
  • I hate plumbing issues. I was able to fix the clogged kitchen sink this weekend. But a leaky toilet is a different story. #
  • Time to call @RotoRooter Hopefully it won't be too big of a problem to fix. #
  • I hate @gruber for introducing me to Strategery via Daring Fireball. I've been playing it way too much on my iPad. #
  • Getting a tall mocha in Starbucks #
  • Dinner-time! in Cheesecake Factory #
  • Rushing to get a bagel from the break room. I don't necessarily like bagels. I just hate when people touch food they aren't going to eat. #
  • And what I mean is when they are "choosing" a bagel. Choose with your eyes, people, and not you're hands! #
  • Burgers for lunch! in Clarke's Charcoal Broiler #
  • From my iPhone - Corinne Bailey Rae "Like A Star" ♫ #tweetthebeat #
  • In a daze this morning. I don't want to get out of bed, but there is so much to get done. Time to do some spring cleaning. #
  • Eating at in Olive Garden #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-10

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-03

  • Having a surprise birthday weekend breakfast with Farrah here @ Sears Fine Foods Restaurant #
  • Second part of my birthday surprise - King Tut exhibit! But I think Farrah's cold is running her down. I m... (PIC) #
  • @ Whole Foods Market #
  • Yesterday was the first time I felt our baby kick. One of the greatest feelings I've experienced. She is due in July! #
  • It's ramen weather. in Ramen House Ryowa #
  • People are talking about the iPad, even in a Kaiser hospital waiting room. #
  • Grabbing a bite to eat while Farrah's at an appt. Wish I could have a beer though. in Rock Bottom Rstrnt & Brewery #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-27

  • I've been up since 4:30am. What the heck am I doing up so early on a Sunday? #
  • Evil Girl Scouts are outside selling cookies. @ Best Buy #
  • Getting ingedients for Korean BBQ. @ Hankook Supermarket #
  • The iPad better support the Kindle app. I'd be upset if I had to buy an iPad version of a book that I can read on my iPhone Kindle app! #
  • I can't seem to choose a good font for the blog. I guess I'll go with the default in the theme I'm using. #wordpress #
  • I think I've had my fill of the word "frickin'" today. #
  • Gouged my nose with a fingernail last night while sleeping. I drew blood and skin. Must have had a a bad dream to do that to myself. #
  • Haven't been here in almost five years. @ Thea Mediterranean #
  • I've never had lunch here. @ El Pollo Loco #
  • Getting takeout to celebrate my birthday. @ Tao Tao Restaurant #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

  • This fight is very boring at this point. #
  • I came into work today and found someone else in my cube. I was beginning to wonder if my boss forgot to tell me something last Friday? #
  • @ Paper Source #
  • @ H&M #
  • @ The Counter Santana Row #
  • I've just re-enabled commenting on my blog. I didn't realize that Akismet wasn't enabled. We'll see how much spam it catches. #
  • It's looks like a beautiful day outside. Wish I didn't have to work indoors. Oh well, the weekend is almost here. #
  • @sarahcuda Oh, that's for the tip. Heading over to Ustream now. in reply to sarahcuda #
  • Chatting about McDonaldland characters. Who knows them all? #
  • Somehow we missed last week's Project Runway. How the heck did that happen? #
  • Thinking the new theme on the website is not working. My wife may hate me for changing it again, I'll probably do it before next week. #
  • I hope the person in the next cube only has allergies. Otherwise, I hope I don't catch what they got. They're coughing up a storm! #
  • Sleepy for some reason. But it's only 6:30pm! #
  • @ejacqui That's a good start to the weekend. in reply to ejacqui #
  • I guess I should start the errands we need to finish today. #
  • Haven't been here in a long long time. @ Fish Market Restaurant #

My iPhone Contacts Disappeared!

My iPhone Contacts Disappeared!: While I was out and about today, my iPhone contacts decided to disappear. I noticed this when I received a text message from someone in my contact list and it showed their phone number instead of their name. I’m guessing my over-the-air sync with Mobile Me was the cause, since I have seen this sync problem before but only with my iMac and dot Mac. But when I got online, I my Mobile Me account and my iMac contacts and both were fine. At this point I don’t know what happened. It just sucks to lose your contacts, for no apparent reason, when your out on errands. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else?