Photo of Papa, Bixby and Lucky. Bixby is on the left.

It's tough when you lose a pet. A pet who's been a loyal friend and good companion over the years. But, like us and everything on this planet, in this universe, time doesn't stand still and let us simply live forever. And so, sadly, we say goodbye to Bixby who succumbed to age this past Thursday morning. He was about 77 years old (11 in human years).

Bixby was as friendly, yet cautious dog. His cautious nature bordered on being shy. He would let his partner, Lucky, determine if any new person was worthy of attention. After the determination, Bixby would warm up and be playful as much as the next dog. Combine Bixby's relaxed playfulness with Lucky's hyperactive playful nature and you've got a tiring combination.

Bixby was a slower moving dog, built more for comfort than speed. It didn't help that he had an injured front paw making him a little less active. But he'd trott around with Lucky, playing with whomever would stop by.

But now, Lucky is alone again, as he was for a year before Bixby's arrival. The photos in this post were taken with a film camera on Bixby's first day in our lives. The photos are dated February 25, 2001.

You'll be missed Bixby.

Photo of Papa, Bixby and Lucky. Bixby is on the left.