Mia and Her TiVo Remote

Mia discovered our DIRECTV remote while sitting on our bed. She would stare at the remote, running her fingers around the numbers and other buttons, but not press on any of them. Then of course she would try to stick the remote in her mouth, because that's what babies do. It's always difficult to pry the remote from her hands once she has a hold of it,

While doing some cleaning around the house, Farrah found a remote I bought for our TiVo unit - a unit we no longer use. Wow, this would be perfect for Mia! This could be her remote and we can have our remote back. If she has the TiVo remote by itself, she'll play with it without end. But if you put both remotes in front of her, she'll opt for the working DIRECTV remote. My guess is she knows that one works, it actually does things, where as the TiVo remote is only there to distract her. Smart girl.

This photo was taken on the morning of March 16, 2011.