Driving in the Snow

This storm came out of nowhere. Weather was clear 15 seconds before the video started. I let go of the gas to slow down instead of braking in the beginning of the video.I knew i was driving too fast and braking would not have been a good idea. Beginning of this film is when I pushed the record button on the camera. You can hear me shut off the radio. My wipers aren't even on yet.

I hate driving in the snow.

Haywire - Trailer

I'll be posting a few trailers of movies I'd be interested in seeing in the theaters - if we ever have a chance to actually go into a movie theater. This one is done by Steven Soderbergh. It looks like a straightforward action/revenge flick staring a bunch of people - Channing Tatum, Michael Fassbender, Michael Douglas, and Antonio Banderas. Oh, and Gina Carano as the person seeking revenge!