This is a photo of Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Mid-day. Nearly empty. It's one of those photos you wish you could capture yourself, but probably won't ever be able to do so. It was taken by the MTA and posted on Flickr. The reason why it's nearly empty is because of Hurricane Irene.

Grand Central Terminal is a sight I'd like to revisit again. The place is huge. And when it's filled with people it feels amazing. Oh, and they're going to have an Apple Store there someday soon.

Mia's First Birthday

At 10:16 am last year, Mia arrived in our lives. And what a year it has been. Ever since then, time seems to have been moving so fast, often a complete blur. I'm sure every parent has that similar experience.

Wasn't it just a month ago that it seemed like all she could do was cry, eat, and poop? Wasn't it just last week that she learned how to crawl? Wasn't it just this morning she learned how to stand? And it seems just now, at this very moment, she really knows, by the glint in her eye, who mommy and daddy truly are. There is so much to share, but now so little time to write about it.

I took this photo as Mia was bathing this morning, getting ready for her day (or actually the whole weekend). I'll hoping to post more photoslater today - when I can find a moment. We'll see how that works out.

But for now, Happy Birthday, Mia!

Mia's First Easter

Rabbit ears. Eggs. Money.

It's Mia's first Easter. It was a quiet Easter, spent at the house with the grandparents. It was quiet by choice, as Mia was recovering from being sick all week. Otherwise, we would have made a trip to spend Easter with family.

We had a nice lunch - a Honey Baked ham, fried chicken and egg rolls from King Egg Roll, green beans and Brussels sprouts. Then it was to the living room to watch Mia open her Easter eggs.

She's a little too young for candy, so money was a good substitute. Yes, she did try to eat the bills. We then headed outside to take a few photos with each grandparent and ourselves. I wanted to take a full group photo, but unfortunately I ordered the wrong tripod plate for my camera. I'll need to get a new one.

You can find more Easter photos in the ://Easter album.

Photos were taking with both the Canon 7D and the Canon S95 on April 24, 2011.

Mia and Her Bunny Ears

Bunny ears. A gift in Mia’s Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa. She wore them yesterday and this morning, even though she isn’t feeling 100%. Hopefully, she’ll be hopping around with them on on Easter Sunday.

On a different note, Mia woke up at 2am crying. It’s a bit unusual, but since she’s not feeling totally well, it’s understandable. What was interesting was that Farrah found Mia sitting up in the middle of her crib. We haven’t seen Mia get herself from a lying posting to a sitting position, so this is the first occurrence we know of. Next thing you know - she’ll be climbing out of her crib. Eeek!

This photo was taken on April 20th, 2011 using a Canon S95.

Mia and Mommy at Whole Foods

 We were able to get a lot done this weekend. We first started at the Mountain View Farmers' Market, the it was off to Milk Pail to get other fruits and veggies not found at the market. We finally ended the triple play day at Whole Foods.

Mia has been enjoying all the new textures on each type of food she's tried. She's been enjoying chicken, carrots, and rice. We need to expand her pallette even further, as she's shying away from the purèed food.

In this photo, taken at Whole Foods, Farrah is searching the baby foods trying to find something that would appeal to Mia. What's Mia doing? Just hanging out on the BABYBJÖRN.

This photo was taken on April 10, 2011 using the Canon 7D. This photo was edited in Photoshop CS5 as well as 

Mia and Dr. Seuss

Mia loves listening to Dr. Seuss stories on the iPad. She started off with Dr. Seuss's ABC. In this photo she is making her first pass at Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham, a bit of a long story for her to sit through.

Oh, don't worry, we don't let the iPad do all the reading to Mia. Farrah takes time each day to read to Mia from the stack of books we have sitting on our bedside table.

This photo was taken on March 6, 2011 using the Canon S95.

A Sunday Post

I wanted to start writing a regular post on Sunday, time permitting of course. I’m not sure what subject it may be. Perhaps it will be about something that happened during the week. Or it could be a summation of week’s events in total. Or it may simply be another photo. Let us see what comes of this.

Mia turned nine months old this past week. Now, she has been out of the womb longer than she was in it. An amazing thing to realized this week. If you were to tell me 18 months ago we’d have this babbling bundle of joy to deal with I would have simply replied, “Huh? You’re crazy.” Yes, we’re happily crazy.

Farrah was able to put Mia in short sleeves, sunglasses and a hat, as the sun finally came out of its hiding place behind the clouds. Earlier that day Mia had some blood drawn, and unpleasant experience for all of us. I was the lucky one to hold her still while the needle was inserted. It’s a task I hope I do not have to do often. But the going outside in the sun cheered up Mia immensely.

 I had a birthday recently. As a whole it was a pleasant experience. But there were individual elements, like being stuck on Highway 17 for over two hours, that were unpleasant. A tree was down across the highway, making the trip to Santa Cruz more arduous than normal.

Part of presents I received were a very cool backpack and tickets to Wondercon.The last time I went to a comic book convention was over 15 years ago. I had never been to Wondercon, a large local comic book convention. This would be Farrah’s first comic book convention, making the experience even more memorable. 

The Moscone Center, where the convention is held, was extremely crowded. There were many people in costume, though a majority of the attendees were in everyday clothes. We saw at least a dozen Stormtroopers, a couple of Wonder Women, a Superman, an Alien, a couple of Jokers, and several scantily clad women who were, I’m guessing, some Sucker Punch characters. (I need to watch that movie.)

We were able to attend a talk from one of my favorite comic book artists, Bill Sienkiewicz.  I’m not an artist, not being able to draw worth a lick. But I enjoy listening to creative people talk about their passion. Sienkiewicz talked with no prepared topics, simply taking questions from the audience. It was interesting to hear his past experiences which help shape his artistic point of view.

Wondercon was crowded. Moving around the first half of the show floor was like swimming though molasses. When we were able to get to the middle of the showroom floor we had more opportunity to move a breath more freely. Even with all of this, I think I'd like to go to Wondercon next year as well.

The above photos were taken on April 1, 2011.

Mia Reaching

We are trying to encourage Mia to crawl. Part of how we're doing this is by placing a desired item just outside her reach. In this case we're using my iPhone playing Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning". Over and over again, Mia kept trying to push herself off the far wall, inching oh-so-close to the iPhone. Unfortunately, she grew tired and didn't reach her goal. She''ll continue to try until she reaches it. And then we'll be in serious trouble.

Mia and Her TiVo Remote

Mia discovered our DIRECTV remote while sitting on our bed. She would stare at the remote, running her fingers around the numbers and other buttons, but not press on any of them. Then of course she would try to stick the remote in her mouth, because that's what babies do. It's always difficult to pry the remote from her hands once she has a hold of it,

While doing some cleaning around the house, Farrah found a remote I bought for our TiVo unit - a unit we no longer use. Wow, this would be perfect for Mia! This could be her remote and we can have our remote back. If she has the TiVo remote by itself, she'll play with it without end. But if you put both remotes in front of her, she'll opt for the working DIRECTV remote. My guess is she knows that one works, it actually does things, where as the TiVo remote is only there to distract her. Smart girl.

This photo was taken on the morning of March 16, 2011.

Mia and The Dark Knight

Wow, Mia has already caught The Batman bug. Fighting crime at such a young age. For now, she'll do as daddy does and be part of The Batman Family. I see her more in the role of The Huntress - Batman's daughter in older comic books - rather than Batgirl. But she always has a choice. I have a feeling when she grows up she'll be more of a Wonder Woman fan, like her cousin Kayla was when she was growing up. Did you hear they're bringing back Wonder Woman to television? If that turns out to be a hit, I can see Mia in front of the TV watching the show.

Mia, Mommy, and The Monterey Bay Aquarium

We have wanted to take Mia to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but hadn't found a good weekend to do it. Fortunately, we had the last weekend of January free of any commitments. We were also very fortunate to obtain two guest passes from my sister's co worker who has an aquarium membership.

Since it was Mia's first time there we tried to visit all the exhibits that she might find of interest. The first exhibit we saw was the seahorses. I'm not sure if Mia could actually make out the seahorses with her own eyes, but there were large monitors that gave a close up view of how they looked. I'm sure she could make them out from those images.

We later went into the interactive area. Farrah placed Mia on what seemed like a water bed type pad. She really enjoy it swaying back and forth.

After our trip, we headed north to Santa Cruz to have dinner with the Trabers. Luckily, the weather on the way up to Monterey was cooperative. The drive to Santa Cruz was met with light drizzle. Luckily, there were no incidents to speak of. We spent an hour or so at the house, then headed to Riva's for a nice seafood dinner.

All in all a good day.

These photos were taken on January 29, 2011.

Mia and Star Wars

It's a question I believe each dad ask themselves, "When do I introduce Star Wars into my kid's life?"

Well, it all starts with a t-shirt. Farrah bought this shirt at the Gap for 58 cents! Such a bargin. In this photo, with Mia's face all scrunched up, it looks as if she's tired of having her photo taken.

Now, as far as the films go, I'm talking about the original Star Wars trilogy, not that highly disappointing last three films. And in any event, you'd introduce the original trilogy first. You would not want to spoil the huge revelation in Empire Strikes Back, would you?

I've heard that a good age to start might be three years old. At the least, you can lay down the ground work through storytelling. My friend BossaNova said he started telling his daughther the story of Luke, Leia and Han around that age as well. Who knows, Mia may be able to retell the story similar to this little girl.

This photo was taken on January 20, 2011.

Mia with Her Hair Up

Mia is as playful as ever. Each day, Farrah tries to think of a way to tame all that hair. It's difficult, but it needs to be done. Otherwise it can look a bit scary. I've included two photos in this post so you can get a complete picture. I look at these series of photos and I can't help but think, wow, future sushi chef.

"Can I have an order of the sake? My wife would like a California Roll as well."

These photos were taken on January 23, 2011.

Mia and Her Gloves

Mia is all dressed up and ready to go out for a morning stroll. It was slightly cold and overcast outside on the morning of this photo, so Farrah had her all bundled up. Granted it's not snowy weather here in sunny California. But anything below 55℉ makes you reach for a sweater.

This was Mia's first experience with gloves as well. She was very fascinated by how they felt on her hands and how it felt interacting with other objects. She also started rubbing them together quickly, as if making sure her hands were still underneath the gloves.

This photo was taken on January 17, 2011 using the Canon s95.