Dance Recital Rehearsal

I went to Kayla's dance recital practice to take some photos, because there is more freedom to use a tripod or move around during the practice session  All of these photos were taken with the aperture wide open to f/1.8 using the 50mm lens.  Average shutter speed hovered at 50 so I got some blur here and there.  Take a look at the photos and make any comments you'd like.

Dance Recital

In order to see photos of Kayla herself you will need to have a Flickr account and be on my Friends or Family list.  It's easy to sign up for an account.  Just [go to here].  After signing up do a search for me, sith_kicker, and add me as a contact.  If you need help, just email me!

Theme Switcher

Ok, I couldn't stand just having the Spring Fairy theme as an option.  So I implemented the [Theme Switcher] plug-in for WordPress.  In order to switch the look for [] simply choose from the pull-down menu on the right.  The default theme for now is the Spring Fairy theme.    Janella Default is the theme with the rotating banner images.  WordPress Default is the standard theme.  I'll be adding more, tailoring the theme for  [] when possible.

Spring Theme!!!! - Very Girlie

Well, spring is just around the corner.  So I decided to use a spring theme on the site.  Don't worry, it's only temporary.  It's a girlie-type theme, and since I'm the one who mostly updates the site I probably wouldn't normally use this theme.  But it's springtime.

I've been thinking of allowing different themes on the site.  What is a theme?  Well, for WordPress purposes a theme gives a blog a certain look.  WordPress has a theme changer plug-in that will allow a visitor to see the site in various ways.  I haven't had a chance to work on implementing it, but I think I will in the future.

Anyway, back to doing some other work.  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Christmas Photos Plus Old Stuff

Just got the Christmas photos back from the lab. They are now posted in the Holidays section. Tried using Longs Drugs this time to see how they are. Eh, there ok. Also posted some older photos (Halloween stuff). Slowly getting more photos online just to have them all there. So what was added?

Note: above links only work if you are already logged into the photos page.

Also albums were changed to be 3 columns by 10 rows (maximum) to keep with the width of the page. As more albums are posted, I'll post what albums were updated on this page.

Photos Now Using Gallery

The photos section is now set to use [Gallery]. So much for the weblog portion and photo pages looking the same. At least the color scheme is close. I know that the folks at Gallery are working on trying to make [Wordpress] and Gallery work together, so perhaps sometime in the future navigation will be smoother.

Email requests have been sent to users who have had an account, requesting they sign up for a new password. Also: [project] is no longer a valid directory at this time.

Moving Directories

Yes, I moved the weblog from [] to the main site []  And the layout has also changed.  The photo header above rotates photos Farrah and I have taken.  Photos included in the header right now are:

Tiana Mei
Violet Staring

A new photo may not load if you're browser caches the photo, but know that it does work.  I'm not sure how many I'll put up for the header, but a new image should load here or there.  If you really want to force an image to load, hold down the shift key on your keyboard, then press the Reload button on your web browser.  Your  web browser will do a 'hard reload',  asking for new information from the server.

I've given up on the whole [] layout.  Just wasn't happy with the way it was looking and how entries are made into the blog.  I am going forward with using [Gallery] as the photo engine, the same one used on [nothingcouldbefina] .  What I like about Gallery is the way it displays images.  What I like about 4images is the information it can store information in a database.  So right now: style over handling of information.

Now in Beta

[] has now been changed to [] What exactly does that mean?

Well, I started going back toward a CMS (Content Management System) solution for this website. See the website is basically made of two components: a weblog (or blog) and a photo gallery. Currently if you access [] what you see is Wordpress, a great blog program. When you access [] you see 4images, a photo gallery program. Both are created by different groups of developers and function great. I just don't have the time to make them look similar, so navigating between the two can be difficult.

I've tried a CMS solution before but it was slow. I think the new one I'm trying, called Geeklog, is decent in speed and works fairly well. For the time being I'll be posting any new pictures in both the [] section as well as the [] If all goes well the site will switch from the beta site to the primary site.

template changes

made a template change to the weblog page as well as the photos@ page. lmk if there are any problems with the template, as some customization had to be done. also lmk what you think of the template. i like it because

  • it's dark, which hides the tables the enclose the photos
  • it looks cleaner
  • the red is a good contrast to a possible all black look

the style change on the weblog page is meant to partially match the dark look on the photos page.

new homes for janella sites

the web hosting of the janella sites has changed. fina's galleries are now located at


and has moved to a new web hosting provider as well. why the changes?

at work we had test web hosting accounts for an old service we no longer offer. the test account i had the domain name unfortunately my account was accidentally canceled. i looked at this as an opportunity to try a new hosting provider. so i signed up for [] and moved the dns over to that service.

for i decided to go with [] after reading recommendations on a web hosting review site. for a short period of time i tried, but didn't find the service up to snuff.

all of this means that each site will have enough room to grow as we continue to post photos and other content.


adding back photos

i've been quietly adding back photos to the page. by quitely i mean i forgot to update this page! anwya, here is what's been done so far:

  • most of the birthday photos have been added back
  • a couple of sjsu albums have been restored as well
  • two out of five wedding albums are posted right now

new albums

  • calypte [located under friends] has been added
  • yen's graduation photos have veen added [under friends] as well

as always, viewing of these albums requires login right. please [register] in order to be able to sign and view an album. as stated before please use a username i can recognize. i will then approve the registration which will allow you to login.

finding a look

well, changed the weblog face again as the style previously used (called zen) seemed too light to read. luckily with [wordpress] i'm able to switch styles rather painlessly. the real dilemma for me is the overall site look.

with tools like wordpress and [4images] a webmaster can easily put up a site in a quick amount of time. but the look and feel when going between both products is harsh. there are all-in-one solutions with something like [postnuke] and [phpnuke] but i find those products either too many features to disable or are slow to load.

at the least i'll try to get the color scheme to be the same. at the most i'll try to make the site look like an all-in-one inclusive look and feel. this make take some time but i'm sure it will be worth it in the end.