Coming Clean

Alternate Title:  Simplifying My Social (Networking) Life
It looks as if the big web hosting move is done.  I’ve managed to clean up 1.5 GB of data on the old service, cutting it down to a clean and manageable 512 MB of space on my new web host, TextDrive.  I’ll need to manage my space to keep under the 1 GiB.  The limit will keep me clean.
Doing the move also made me realize I am so spread out in the social network stuff.  I
enjoy the following sites, as of late, so I think they will stay i the rotation:

  • Flickr – I just love photography, and the social aspect Flickr brings to photography has help me grow.  The users also constantly inspire me to take more photos.
  • Vox – Flickr is to photography as Vox is to blogging, at least to me.  I have been able to read a tremendous amount of talented writing this past month I’ve been on Vox.  I only wish more of my friends and family would accept invitations I send them.
  • – This site and service has opened me up to other music artists that I had not discovered or that I would not enjoy.
  • Yelp – Whenever I’m unsure of where to eat, Yelp has always pointed the way.  I need to contribute more to this site that has given me so many new places to eat.
  • – I still will post, though less frequently, to the web site that started it all for me.  I think I’ll be trying more HTML / CSS / whatever-language-you-choose on the site, but I don’t think I will every abandon the site.
  • Linkedin – You never know when you or someone you know is looking for another job.

What falls by the wayside?

  • Mog – They tried to be a competing service to  But slight slowness and the lack of anything different has left indifferent to their offerings.
  • Yahoo! 360 – The promising power of Yahoo!  But for some reason, follow-up features are lacking.  Adding a RSS feed from is the only thing keeping this blog updated.
  • 43 Things – A list of things to do that I never completed. I’m not too good with lists.
  • LiveJournal – Besides keeping up with my friends on LiveJournal, my blog there has only served as a mirroring service to  I think posting the same content to one blog is enough, right?

I’m sure I have signed up for some other services, but I can’t remember any of them right now.  I know there is a MySpace, a Friendster, and Multiply account out there some where.  I’m glad they are all free.  Imagine paying for all of those services I don’t use.

2 thoughts on “Coming Clean

  1. It's good to see what other people are using. I'm relatively late to the social-networking scene (wow, just like in high school), so I'm happy my first foray was with my own hand-built blog, and with flickr and vox.I hear you about spreading yourself thin. I think that's the most common first post for all new vox-ers: Do I need this? Can I maintain this?I always feel guilty about doing cross-posting because it's an extra hop for users. Then again, it's a matter of distributing your content – What's the best medium?Or, How would Jesus move His content?It's good to stay light. 512MB is downright thin. You do cardio for that?

  2. I have also recently retired, but not deleted, my LiveJournal. I feel kind of sad about it. I had a number of good years in LJ-land, but I have been struggling to maintain this year. But in Vox I feel that my personal blogging has a new lease of life.

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